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CnxStack solutions

Communicating System Expert, INGESPACE has developed a set of Ethernet cores : UdpStack

With a lot of integration success in the Ethernet field, today INGESPACE has a set of communicating solutions allowing users to have a better Time To Market and to reduce development and integration risk.

Fully developed in VHDL, UdpStack allows users to simply and efficiently integrate communication based on well known protocols like UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP… between FPGA, embedded systems, PC or any equipment communicating over Ethernet.

Optimised for Xilinx FPGA, UdpStack can be used in most of the current FPGA. Requiring low resources the UdpStack reaches the best performance, up to 1Gbit/sec in full duplex mode.

To fulfil the UdpStack proposal, on simple request INGESPACE provides a MAC address range reserved to your application.

With Simple and homogeneous interfaces UdpStack are “Easy To Use” and simply fit in your project and compatibility is guarantee within UdpStack solutions. All the UdpStack cores are provided with application examples allowing fast integration.

UdpStack solutions
SpeedUp to 40% of Phy capacityUp to 1GbUp to 1Gb
10/100/1000 selectManualAutoAuto
Socket UDP1MultiMulti
Dedicated MAC @16256256
Targeted design typeHardwareHardwareHardware/Software

Applications :

- Video Over IP, MPEG-TS over UDP/IP
- Voice Over IP, SIP/RTP over UDP/IP
- High throughput data transfer, between FPGA and/or PC
- Systems with or without processor
- Debug interface
- ...